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345 Innovation In Elder Care with Clark & Palmer @ Dwell At Home

Most in-home senior care sucks. We’re Mike Clark and Rod Palmer, the founders of Dwell at Home. When our parents began to age we realized the in-home senior care business has hardly changed since it was created in the 1080s. Call an agency they send out the next “sitter”. Our parents deserve better. The devices we carry on our site have changed our lives, from catching a ride to buying groceries, why not senior care? Dwell at Home is an app that connects seniors with in-home care partners, offering a more affordable, convenient, and personalized care option. We’re changing the future of in-home senior care through our unique approach of matching seniors with compassionate care partners based on personality, hobbies, and interests, and career paths- ensuring a better fit for seniors and care partners alike. Now we’re creating a portal to help small to medium-size private agencies. This portal offers the agency a back-office solution with smart scheduling, electronic verification, quick book integration, and more.



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