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348 Innovating And Talent Development with Jamie Justice @ Eon Reality

Jamie Justice is driven and focused on finding new ways to help people think differently about addressing challenges in their organizations and education. Relying upon his truly unique mix of career opportunities and experiences, Jamie can bring a breadth of knowledge and experience to help organizations find new approaches, create new ideas, and develop new initiatives for change using technology and other means to facilitate different thinking. Jamie has a background as a cabinetmaker, secondary technology education teacher, state consultant for industrial education programs, and author, and a variety of leadership experiences. Before joining EON Reality, he served as system director for technical education, workforce development, innovation, and professional development in the Kentucky Community and Technical College System. He has authored books, business plans, curriculum projects, articles, and other documents focused on driving change and different thinking in education and workforce programs. He has been a change leader throughout his 30-year career in secondary and post-secondary education and over a lifetime as an entrepreneurial spirit. Currently, Jamie is working as the Director of Education US and Global Innovation with EON Reality to lead change using the XR Platform to effect change in education. For more information on the XR Platform, visit For more information on innovation opportunities, visit:



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