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354 Focus On Innovation In Insurance with Karin Lange @ Head FutureLab @ die Mobiliar

Karin Lange is Head of the FutureLab at La Mobilière, Switzerland’s oldest private insurance company that has operated on a mutual basis since its founding in 1826.

The FutureLab is part of Corporate Foresight Management and the innovation department. Making the future tangible is her passion – with the goal to develop the skill of future thinking for the majority of the employees. Using joint (employee) forces (in combination with other tools) to detect change early, to build future scenarios and interpret its consequences for the firm, and define future courses of action in interdisciplinary teams to make the company not only resilient but anti-fragile is her field of work.

Prior to this position, she was part of the Corporate Social Responsibility team at La Mobilière, focusing strongly on the question of Corporate Digital Responsibility, Data Ethics, and opportunities and risks connected with (big) data.

Karin accumulates 20+ years of experience in various positions, departments, industries and spent several years living and working in Asia.

She graduated with a Master in Political Sciences and Linguistics from the University of Konstanz in Germany.

Karin also teaches Data Ethics and Corporate Foresight at different business schools and universities in Switzerland.



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