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390 Empowering Mental Health with Owen Muir @ Brooklyn Minds

Dr. Owen Muir co-founded Brooklyn Minds with the understanding that help needs to be understood as helpful. In addition to serving as Medical Director, Dr. Muir oversees our groundbreaking deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (dTMS) program.

Dr. Muir’s work is novel in a number of ways. Not only is he one of the 5 official supervisors in North America for Mentalization-Based Treatment (MBT) for adults, but he has additional training in using MBT strategies with adolescents, families, and even teams and systems, and is co-editor of the Springer book “Adolescent Suicide and Self Injury: a Mentalization-Based Treatment Approach.” ​As Chief Innovation Officer, Dr. Muir has secured Brooklyn Minds’ position as the only site in America offering full, on-model MBT services for adolescents in an outpatient setting. He is proud to have made Brooklyn Minds one of the largest outpatient MBT practices for adults, children, and families in the country.

Dr. Muir specializes in the treatment of a wide variety of personality and mood disorders and prides himself on taking a holistic view with his patients. He works tirelessly to build strong relationships rooted in trust with all his clients to best support them in reaching their mental health goals and making sure all his clients feel knowledgeable about the treatment options available to them. Feeling at ease with a psychiatrist is not something that comes naturally for most people. Dr. Muir utilizes humor and empathy to help open doors for people to feel more comfortable. He is interactive and asks a lot of questions to ensure that he is getting the clearest picture possible of what is going on for the people he is working with.

Currently, Dr. Muir is also working on two podcasts: Remotely Possible, which looks at anxiety and despair through a mental health lens, and Pandemic Check-In, which takes a look at mental health during COVID-19. When not working with clients or on his podcasts, Dr. Muir enjoys revisiting his former career as a recording engineer at Sony Music Studios. He can be found playing guitar, writing original music, and recording any sound he can find that might be useful.



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