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393 Hearing Your Customers with Jenna Beglin @ Samsung

Check out this excellent interview with Jenna Beglin, Director, of Consumer Research & Insights, NA Services at Samsung Electronics.

Jenna Beglin is an applied consumer research expert, specializing in guiding concept and early-stage software/services product strategy and design. She started her career in digital strategy consulting at Accenture, before completing her MBA at Cornell. She then transitioned into brand and innovation consulting, helping her clients leverage consumer insights to redefine their brands and build their innovation pipelines. Her past three years at Samsung have been spent building and leading a team of researchers focused on service innovation and customer experience.

Early-stage consumer research and branding blending elements of design thinking – everything from one-liners to prototypes – focusing on usability, unearthing pain points, thoroughly new directions, the importance of customer segmentation. Building archetypes, the best kind of prototypes, using analytics to drive new product development, A/B testing, low-cost customer research platforms and strategies for startups, diary studies, the importance of context and timing, how people are overly optimistic in research, ideal numbers of people to survey, benchmarking against past products, barriers to innovation, resistance to risk, AI in innovation, why quant data will never tell you “why”, the future would be great if we could predict demand in the future, why research is essential.



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