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399 Digital Transformation & AI with Peter Mulford @ BTS

Peter Mulford is an executive vice president at BTS, leading the firm’s Innovation & Digital Transformation practice. Peter leads business transformation and capability-building efforts with Fortune 500 firms worldwide (such as Sony, Microsoft, Time Warner and Merck), focusing on developing innovation leadership, design thinking, and disciplined experimentation capability. His work redefines not just how to do innovation, but how to create and lead a culture in which innovation and divergent thinking can flourish.    Peter’s writing and research have been featured in CLO and Training magazines. He is a frequent guest lecturer on Innovation and Strategy for the MBA program at Columbia Business School in New York. A sought-after keynote speaker, Peter regularly delivers keynote addresses at events worldwide each year, including HR conferences, Technology and Innovation events, and company off-site and sales conferences.  Peter joined BTS in 1998 and has worked in its San Francisco, London, and New York offices. From 2005-2010, he was the Managing Director of BTS’s East Coast region, leading the largest global office for BTS through a period of market turbulence and growth during which it more than tripled in size.   Peter holds an MBA in Finance from Columbia Business School, and speaks Japanese.



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