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408 Empathy Creativity & Leadership with Sean Flaherty @ ITX

Creativity is an unlimited resource in your life. Thus, the motivation of the people you surround yourself, spend time with, and invest in is the wellspring of your own personal creativity. When you help them tap into their motivation, it pays back in spades for your own.    The greatest leaders are unstoppable because they tap into the creativity of the people they surround themselves with and serve with humility. My coaching educates leaders in fostering environments that maximize creativity and innovation.    “The Momentum Framework” is a collection of contextual models and language tools that form a system that maximizes the creativity of the people we lead. The result is MOMENTUM through innovation.   My journey in innovating began with software products at the ripe old age of 11, programming on my 8-Bit Commodore Vic-20 in the 1980s, and never stopped. I studied aviation electronics working on F-14 Tomcats in the Navy, molecular genetics at the University of Rochester, and earned an MBA from the Simon School of Business in 2006. However, most of my experience has come from two and a half decades of working in the trenches with amazing teams building innovative software products that move, touch and inspire the world. ITX is a passionate group of 250+ inspired technologists and artists who produce magic daily for our clients. We are pioneering how software products are built and creating best practices that are forging the future of how technology interfaces with people. Through ITX and other ventures, I have engineered over a dozen companies’ divestitures, acquisition, and mergers. Through CEO and leadership roundtables worldwide and a professorship at the University of Rochester, I have educated thousands of business leaders on innovation, culture, empathy, and “The Momentum Framework.”    Mentioned in the show:   Cognitive Empathy: Emotional Intelligence (EQ): Capacity for Influence (C/I)   Daniel Goleman – Social Intelligence: The New Science of Human Relationships   Daniel Kahneman – Thinking, Fast and Slow   Travis Bradberry – Emotional Intelligence 2.0 Affective Empathy: Compassion: Capacity for Caring (C/C)   Brene Brown – The Gifts of Imperfection   John M. Gottman – The Science of Trust   Edward L. Deci – Why We Do What We Do: Understanding Self-Motivation   Daniel Goleman – Focus, The Hidden Driver of Excellence   Kenneth O. Stanley & Joel Lehman – Why Greatness Cannot Be Planned: The Myth of Objective   INNOVATION: in·no·va·tion | ˌi-nə-ˈvā-shən : Any insight or tactic which, when deployed, causes a measurable improvement to momentum also: concept or best practice change, which causes a measurable improvement to the strategic success of the firm   ADVOCACY: ad·vo·ca·cy | ˈad-və-kə-sē: The highest level of a mutual business relationship, where each invests in the other’s future also: The regular demonstration of behaviors that reflect an investment in our collective future; The act of one who is inspired   LOYALTY: loy·al·ty | ˈlȯi(-ə)l-tē : The level of a mutual business relationship where each member self-determines that they will engage with the other in the future also: The regular demonstration of engagement behaviors   TRUST: ˈtrəst : The level of a mutual business relationship where each is confident in the other also: The demonstration of caring and confidence through the investment behaviors of time, information, or social capital



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