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420 Intelligent Automation & Sustainability with Sergio Mastrogiovanni @ Nubiral

Sergio Mastrogiovanni is a senior data scientist, executive, entrepreneur, AI evangelist, and data storyteller with career success leveraging advanced data analytics and technology integration to boost sustainable revenue,  inspire high-performing teams and manage change through digital transformation and continuous improvement, and his passion in this world is about making data accessible to people. He teaches Intelligent  Automation at NYU and is the Head of Data and Innovation at Nubiral. 

Strong expertise in developing simulation, optimization, cost reduction, and risk assessment models and deploying business analytics and process automation solutions. Ph.D. candidate, Masters in Analytics, NYU Stern MBA,  Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, certified MIT AI practitioner, certified RPA developer, Microsoft Certified System  Engineer, Azure Certified Data Scientist, Data Engineer, and AI Associate. AWS Certified Big Data professional,  AWS Certified Machine Learning Engineer, Innovation coach, Columbia Data Scientist, and visualization Zen that won awards on innovation, leadership, and process improvement. Fluent in Spanish, English, and  Portuguese.



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