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444 Chatbots Of The Future with Peter Voss @

Serial Entrepreneur, Engineer, Inventor, and a Pioneer in Artificial Intelligence. Coined the term ‘AGI’ (Artificial General Intelligence) with fellow luminaries in the space. Started in electronics engineering, then fell in love with software. The first major success was developing a comprehensive ERP package and taking that company from Zero to 400-person IPO in seven years. Fueled by the fragile nature of software, I embarked on a journey 15+ years ago studying what intelligence is, how it develops in humans and the current state of AI. This research culminated in the creation of our natural language intelligence engine that can think, learn, and reason — and adapt to and grow with the user.

Currently, I’m focused on commercializing the second generation of our AGI-based ‘Conversational AI’ technology called ‘Aigo’ (say: I-go). is the most advanced natural language interaction platform available. It is implemented using a brain-like cognitive architecture – also known as ‘The Third Wave of AI’. This approach puts Aigo at ‘Light Years’ ahead of chatbots and other so-called ‘Personal Assistants’, and puts the forefront of the ‘Conversational AI is the new UI’ trend. Current chatbot technologies used in the enterprise and consumer space, have serious inherent limitations: They do not remember what was said before, cannot learn interactively, do not have deep contextual understanding, and cannot reason or explain themselves. This makes meaningful ongoing conversation impossible. This capability gap has created massive unmet demand – one we expect to fill with our revolutionary technology.



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