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461 We Need Personal AIs, Now

All these virtual assistants don’t work for us today. They work for Google, or they work for Apple, work for Amazon.  They work for whatever corporations created them, so the Alexa sitting on my desk right now is listening in on every bit of my conversation, which works for Amazon. It’s like having an Amazon employee sitting in your office.  We need personal AIs. We need an A. I. they can help us to fight back and negotiate with these corporate AIs because we’re in a fragile position right now. I mean, we’re just human beings. We’re just poor human beings with limited brainpower. We can only do so much.  They will become the interface between me and all of these A. I. is there pushing their agenda because I will personally push my agenda, my family’s agenda, my friend’s agenda, my relative’s agenda, the agenda of the human being at the other end of this chain of communications.  I would love to talk to that person. I think it’s well past time that we would have AIs that can personally fight on our behalf for our interests as human beings against this massive infrastructure of eyes that we can barely touch because we are, after all, simple humans. We need eyes on our side.



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