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472 Going After The High Hanging Fruit

So I talked in the past about low-hanging fruit. I talk about how the heat the term low hanging fruit because everybody uses the term low hanging fruit. It’s always it’s the easy stuff. Let’s go after the easy stuff. Everybody’s okay with going after the easy stuff. Nobody has a problem with the low-hanging fruit; everybody loves it because it’s easy. Human beings, that’s what we’re like we’d like easy; we don’t like doing anything difficult we don’t like doing anything hard well it’s so hard; I hate doing it because it’s hard. Here’s the problem, though. The high-hanging fruit, the hard stuff, the stuff it takes work to get to the stuff we’ve got to pull out the latter you gotta get somebody to brace for you we’ve got to go to the very top with high-value high-risk stuff is we never seem to get up there we do the low hanging fruit. Then we stop in the midst of what happens to the high-hanging fruit nobody gets up there and get the high-hanging fruit, and you know why nobody goes up there to get hang fruit is too much of a risk.  When you start looking up for the high-hanging fruit, you start looking at the high-hanging fruit. You realize what you have to give up and what you have to change to get to the high-hanging fruit. That’s when he gives you pause. It gives you pause because most likely, that high-hanging fruit is up there because it’s tough to get to. It may not be that valuable. After all, what am I going to get out of it? Is it going to help my company? Am I going to make millions of dollars out of it? Who knows, we don’t know we know it’s going to be hard to get to, and we figured that I will be super profitable because it’s high-hanging fruit that we had never touched before. Still, we don’t know. When you do a patent valuation, I come up with a great idea, and I’ve had that idea, so he says, well, how much is the idea of value? I said I don’t know. And because human beings are what they are, we don’t like things in their heart. We like doing the easy stuff, but what do you do next once the easy stuff is done? You have to do the hard stuff, and it takes courage to do the hard stuff, and the question is, do you have the courage to do the hard stuff? Do you have the courage to fight the fear you might have to get to the hard stuff? Do you have the courage to discard what you need to get to the high-hanging fruit? I’m done with the low-hanging fruit. I’m only going after the high-hanging fruit, and if I go up to the high-hanging fruit, what do I have to give up to get to that high-hanging fruit? Slight. Human beings invented the computer-human beings invented the internet. It’s the high-hanging fruit that’s where the good stuff is



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