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473 Plan On Surprises

If we could, if it were an easy thing to do, everybody would do it, and we’d be able to figure it out the scenarios and the plans and the strategies that we build for these futures. But, no, I can’t tell you exactly what will happen on the exact date I will tell you. All of these things will happen, will we?  So it’s almost impossible to figure out what the future holds, but you can throw a few things in there and say, well, we can assume that human beings will. So continue to use their creative powers their big brains to figure out some of the biggest problems all the day, so that’s why I’m optimistic that’s when the optimistic futurist you see I see all these problems of people or drip pulling out. Still, I also see solutions for all these problems that people are bringing forward. The solutions are there. We have to apply ourselves to them we can do this. We can do this, and if we can’t do this, we can build eyes that will have the capacity this; in fact, one of the things about climate change I’m thinking is that maybe we should get in an I or a bunch of ice together have them figure it out. Don’t. Human ingenuity will go a long way to solving many of our problems. Still, the other thing you should understand is that you have to factor in surprise, you have to be ready for shocks you have to be ready for significant changes you have to be ready for the shock, and you have to be ready for things you never expected to happen to happen. So expect the unexpected, but what you can do is that when the unexpected comes at you.  Now that that happened, what can I do to mitigate that if it’s a negative thing, or what can I do to enhance that it’s a positive thing? So you have to look at it in a more Zen-like way that these things that are out of our control will occur many, many things are going to occur they’re going to be a complete surprise to you you’ll never have thought that this thing will happen some people call them blacks ones if they’re massive events these massive events will occur. And when the surprises occur you have to think to yourself, how will I deal with these surprises? Am I going to allow it to derail me completely? Well, in some cases, it might depend on what the problem is. It depends on what it is that’s happening, so if you build something on top of any API which suddenly goes away, you might have to do something completely different.



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