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480 Embracing Change with Rudy Poe @ Rudy Poe

Rudy describes his purpose in life in three simple words; “Change. For Better.”   No stranger to change, Rudy is an entrepreneur and Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker. He has co-founded two highly successful companies (in completely different industries) and produced over two hundred hours of documentary productions covering various topics. An adept innovator and storyteller, Rudy has become an expert at pulling disparate resources together and merging them into his projects.   His passion, professional skills, and sixty years of life experience are the driving force behind his latest project, Embracing Change: Your Go-To Guide To Your Desired Future.  The project (both the book and companion online video course are available at is designed quite simply to foster positive change in our rapidly-evolving world and to help those who wish to navigate these sometimes treacherous waters toward the place he calls “Your Desired Future.”   Rudy has taken a documentary approach to Embracing Change as the pages include the wisdom and perspectives of world-renowned entrepreneurs, philanthropists, entertainers, scientists, and professors drawn from his video library.  Quotations and facts have also been culled from various sources to provide readers with additional inspiration and a path toward deeper insight.     Providing additional insight and levity to Embracing Change, Rudy’s unique cast of colorful characters he affectionately calls “The Voices in your Head”, are specific to both entertain and help you understand yourself and why change can be so challenging to master.



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