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487 Spearheading Data Equity with Christine Keung & Julia Chen @ City Of San Jose MOTI

About Data Equity @ San José  The Mayor’s Office of Technology and Innovation (MOTI) leverages technology to address pressing issues facing San José to improve our residents’ livelihoods, opportunities, and city experience. MOTI’s data equity team works with City departments to drive equitable outcomes for constituents via our data equity framework, which creates consistency, transparency, and accountability toward equity goals. With an emphasis on analyzing the City’s data ethically, we work with stakeholders to set, measure, and monitor equity objectives to address equity gaps in crucial city programs.  Christine Keung is the Chief Data Officer for the City of San Jose and a 2020-21 Harvard Business School Leadership Fellow. At the start of the pandemic, she joined a COVID-19 task force in the U.S. Small Business Administration to improve access to the Paycheck Protection Program. Christine began her professional career as an early member of Dropbox’s security team and later as Chief of Staff, serving as the operational lead of the company’s legal, policy, and security organization. She was also Head of Business Operations at Fountain, a growth-stage AI/ML startup. She led the company through data regulation changes like the European Union’s GDPR and the U.S. Privacy Shield. Christine earned her B.A. in Economics at Wellesley College and her M.B.A. at Harvard Business School.  Julia Chen is a writer, editor, and arts professional. She graduated from Boston University (Class of 2014) with a Bachelor’s degree in English and has gone on to work primarily in the world of nonprofit, Off-Broadway theater (with a focus on marketing and development). Julia was recently a finalist in Fiction for Kundiman’s 2019 Mentorship Lab and a member of Winter Tangerine’s April 2019 intensive workshop in New York City. Her work can be found in No Tender Fences: An Anthology of Immigrant & First-Generation American Poetry and Honey Literary. She is currently an Assistant Fiction Editor for The Offing and leads communications for the City of San José’s data equity project.



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