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493 No More Workarounds

So today, I’m gonna talk about workarounds. Everybody knows that workarounds are proper, like the patch you put in a bicycle tire when you don’t want to have to replace the tire. Is basically how it works so. You build software any releases suffer, and you realize the massive bug in the software that you didn’t see because it wasn’t tested properly when it gets to the real world; everyone knows the adage no plan survives contact with the enemy. When you put things in the real world, there are tweaks. There are differences. The real world is messy, not the test environment so that bugs will occur. Thanks for telling me that once testing because of bugs we don’t do any testing, but I digress. People need a fix, and we need a fix right away, so what happens? Somebody develops a workaround in some way. Appearing to solve the problem without actually solving it right, the throat patch on it is a workaround; big we get around it. I think a lot of people do this because there is time sensitivity. Right people need to fix whatever problem they broke right away to work around it slapped him. Still, the problem with workarounds is that workarounds become the real solution often because nobody wears clothes back and looks at solving the problem in the first place. And I don’t know. I may complain about the super-fast software development cycles. People need to get things out immediately because they’re concerned this will happen. It was going to happen, and I argue that we need a little more of a measured approach. I mean, we’re pushing stuff out to customers this half-finished patched with walk workarounds all over the place we need to be a little more patient we need to be a little more circumspect we need to be a little more respectful of our end users and not push workarounds all the time why can’t we think through the problem a little bit longer, or if we do have to slap in a workaround in sometimes you do have to slap in a workaround there’s no way around it. Then do it with more thoughtfulness than when you put that workaround in. Put it in there as a. Just a holding point until you solve the underlying problem. Often, it’s just working around after workaround after workaround, and we never get to the actual solid thing, partially because people are lazy. They want to get the work done. They want to get it done quickly but. They can do it anyway, instead of doing it in a more planned way where they can work things out and solve the problem. So workarounds are great between minimizing them as much as humanly possible.



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