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494 Life Is A Series Of Moments

So I’ve been reading up on February in psychology and Adler. I forget his first name was a psychologist; he was a contemporary of Freud and young. And he was one of the biggest names in psychology at the time, but we hardly ever hear from him because a lot of the stuff he wrote wasn’t written for the psychoanalytic field. He was more written for the layperson. He was focused more on how individuals could improve their lives, and he had a lot of very interesting. Elements of his psychology were almost philosophy. When it comes to all sorts of things like living your lifeline, everybody thinks of life as a line, it’s a line that starts at point 8, which is when you’re born, and point B. when you die, and there’s a line. It runs from beginning to end. But the reality that he’s postulating is that it’s not a line but a series of moments, a series of dots if you zoom into this line. It’s not a line. It’s actually moment after moment after moment. If you think about your life as a series of moments, you can think of each moment when you can decide what path you’re going to take next, so if you think about it that way. Then you could. You can ignore the past so let’s say you had a terrible past, and you’re allowing this past to determine how you are today well how you will be in the future if you look at life as a line. Then you’re gonna say, oh well, this past determines my future. Still, if you look at this life as a series of moments,s then you could say this is the moment I stop acting like this. I start acting like I am consciously deciding to do something completely different from what I did at the last moment. I’m not on this line; I’m not on this tram line of history. I am at this very moment, and this very moment, I can decide to go this way instead of that way. So if you think about it that way, change is easy because you’re not on the road once you understand it. Still, you’re on, I don’t know, jumping from lily pad to lily pad; you can decide why you’re on that lily pads to jump to this lily pad instead of that lily pad, you’re not on a road which is always going in the same direction you’re on almost like a grade or network which allows you to jump back and forth in any direction that you want such a lot of us are trying to make a change in their lives make a change in their organizations make a change like they want to change what they’ve done before because it was not working for them right well if you think about it this way if you think about your life or the life of your organization is not just a line but moments. At every moment, you can decide to change direction. Wholeheartedly change the direction of the way you’re going. Then think about how powerful that is if you can decide to do something completely different in a second. Because you’ve decided at that moment that the past is no longer going to drive your future, you can imagine how powerful that is when you’re trying to bring change into your life or into your organization now it isn’t easy, of course; it’s challenging to get people to understand that life is not. A-line but a series of moments once you get through that concept. Thing and once you get people to understand that the past can be discarded at any point. You can decide if you want to change your direction, but if you want to change your organization’s direction, you can do that in a second as long as you make the decision. Life is a series of moments and not just a line.



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