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495 Always Choose Joy

In my last show, we were talking about. Life is a series of moments as opposed to a line. And one of the things I forgot to mention in that show is that. Hi, as an optimistic futurist, I always choose the positive way at each one of these structures early should try to choose a positive way at which one of these gestures and we always have the ability to do that we always have the ability to choose to improve our lives were improved the lives of everyone around us or develop products and services that improve other people’s lives, or we can choose to devote our time to things that denigrate others that destroy others that work to the negligence of the human race we can make that decision, at that moment. And I like I said I, usually choose joy I choose to improve the life of human beings around me and the human beings in the future. We can decide we have the power at every one of those moments they described yesterday. To make that change, all we have to do is choose the right direction. We have to choose the direction that improves. The lives of the people that you’re affecting. And not brings it down. Think of it this way. Every moment you have a choice to do X. or Y. in fact, you have a choice to do more than excellent you have a choice to do end things in things and in that choice of doing things do you choose to improve your life and people, ‘s lives around you or do you make a choice to improve your life in and make things other people’s lives worse or do you choose to make your life worse and their life force. You can choose all these things to improve your life and the lives of everyone around you. All you need to do is make that decision, not look at the past. I don’t see yourself; this is how I’ve always been. This is what I’ve always done because you don’t necessarily need to do that anymore. You can choose joy is by choosing hate; you can choose joy instead of choosing anger. You don’t have to do worse. You can do better. You could do better for everyone. And that’s one of the other things driving me crazy about these times is that we seem to want to separate people into these tribes and throw them in there and pit them against each other. And I want to see beyond that. I want to see beyond what most people say; well, color blindness is another way of being racist. I’m afraid I have to disagree with that. We need to look at everyone as human beings. Everyone as a human being has the capacity for the reason they can think they have a brain. Everyone has the capacity to be creative. They have the creativity in their bodies; maybe they had when they were children and it’s been slowly drummed out of them over time. However, as they get older, they’ve lost some of that creativity that is still there. You are still there; they don’t get a chance to use it. And if we just worked on uniting the human race and aligning the human race towards the improvement of the human race. In all ways, then would be great. We love to see the human race improve because we have all sorts of problems; right, we have things that plague us: some are man-made, and some are not man-made. But the ones that are man-made, can’t we work around them? Can’t we say, okay, you want, let’s stop? Let’s stop doing what we’re doing. Let’s stop fighting each other. In line up together to improve the human race, why can’t we look at humanity and say we have a lot of problems already we stop fighting amongst ourselves it’s running in the same direction the fire is taking out the forest; let’s all go. And save ourselves together. Let’s help each other save ourselves.



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