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497 Why Do I Do This Again?

Now I want to talk to the corporate innovators out there. Right I feel your pain; I can’t; I can’t do it in an accent. But I feel your pain because you probably think, why don’t I do that? Sometimes why am I doing this? The organization that I’m in says they want to be innovative.

We discuss an additional time they bring in all these gadgets and toys for us to play with. But when it comes down to innovating to bring out new innovative products and services or to changing the culture of your company, so they are so innovative there’s more innovative they’re always falling there, never executing his plans and plans and plans. I feel for you; I feel for you.

You have a tough job even in some of the most enlightened organizations. But you know what you love it I know you love it because you’re seeing the potential of what happens when things finally break 3 when the iceberg finally breaks away from the glacier, you know that your efforts are not going to be in vain that this organization these individuals that you’re working with are slowly going to become more innovative in there might create. This is too difficult.

Kudos to you for being a corporate innovator. I love the role of a corporate invader because there’s so much you can do as long as your company values innovation values, the culture of innovation values changing your culture to be more innovative values executing on the products and services that you create in your innovation lab in your innovation sessions. I know it’s hard, but you know what your changing the world, and isn’t that worth it.



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