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498 Everyone Needs Spare Time

Let me ask you something. We’re in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. We have. Complete doing tons and tons of work, I mean. The sense that if you’re in the middle of a corporate environment. You’re probably feeling the stress in the paint. Because. There are so many open jobs. There’s so much. Work to be done, and people are doubling and tripling up their work the soul of much work that they’re doing focuses on their core vision. Giver sat back and realized all you do is work work work. All you do is work work work, and you don’t have time. To do anything different, you have time to do anything out of the ordinary I did anything new, anything innovative; you are just churning and churning and churning because you’re focusing on your core vision, your core business. You don’t have time to innovate. Who has time to innovate? I did get that Sir spreadsheet is done; I gotta get that report done I gotta get this project done I got to get this innovation has no space, time, and place in many organizations today. And it’s sad because the problem is that. How do you increase pub profitability? Well, you cut right. The first thing people do when they come in the door is a new CEO coming into the organization. The first thing they do is cut. It’s cut. And when the car looks good for a while but then the camera cuts so far because you’ve let people go, and you’ve got doubling and tripling of people spending so much time working if they have no time to innovate. No time to innovate, so what do you do? How what’s the other side of the profitability argument? You have to get people to pay more they need to increase your willingness to pay. If you can’t get you can cut your operations down to increase profitability, you have to increase the amount of money you charge people and increase the amount of money you charge people you have to make them more willing to pay higher prices well how do you make the more willing to pay higher prices or to buy new products and services Vetr improvements on the old ones well you need to innovate able to have innovators within your organization who can develop those new products and services which can develop those new enhanced things that will increase your profitability. But what have you just done? You could drop rations down so much that people are double and tripling jobs, and they don’t have time to innovate. They have to do their work and their co-workers working their colleagues working their coal you too much work. They’re drowning. They’re drowning. So we have to do well. You got to bite the bullet. You’ve got to hire more people. You have to allow your people to have time to innovate. It was familiar with Google 20 percent, I mean, if they don’t do it anymore, but it’s the same in all these organizations if you do not allow you. Employees. Members of your organization if you don’t allow them to innovate if you don’t give them free time. To be able to innovate. And the money to build prototypes in this safe space for them to be able to share their ideas then you’re not gonna get the innovation you’re not gonna get the increased willingness to pay you’re not gonna get that you’re going to constantly be. Low low low low low, and you’re never going to be able to innovate. You’re never going to be able to create new businesses. New products and new services change the corporate culture. You will never be able to do those things unless you give your people time to do those things it has to be built right in. To their roles, S. B. built right in as part of the organization’s culture that we’re not gonna work it to the bone. We’re going to give you time space and be patient. So that when you generate new ideas. New innovative services and products can bring in new product profits. You’ll be able to do that. You will have the space in which to do that.



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