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499 Now Is Not The Time To Be Timid

I can not wait for autonomous driving to come in because if you ask me going is one of those things human beings have too much brainpower to do that we spend too much time thinking to do something like driving I think machines we should probably get to to a Thomas driving sooner as opposed to I later believe Thomas is driving. When I went to driving school, you were supposed to stay on the right and pass on the left but most everybody was sitting in the left lane the entire way and driving below the speed limit now I don’t know if they were on their phones I don’t know if they’re playing candy crush a fortnight while they were driving but he was desperately annoying.  What is the number one trait I saw amongst all these drivers none of them wanted to drive boldly at all they were all driving below the speed limit they were all going very timidly. And it led me to realize something and this is something that I’ve I’ve seen for a long, long time is it human beings tend to be timidity we tend to fear we are trained to do nothing when there are options about doing something we’re doing nothing even if it’s egregious. So on that road, and when I thought about it, I thought, well, this is something that’s been going on forever. We were in meetings when I worked with Yahoo for a long time, and all these great ideas were being discussed. All this creativity was happening all these products; all these fantastic new proxies were coming up. Nobody wanted to pick up the ball and run with it.  It was so timid he didn’t want to stick their necks out they didn’t want to take a risk they didn’t want to do anything different they wanted to sit in comfortable jobs and do nothing and that’s not how you go through life. So many of us are now so timid and it’s not just in our driving, it’s not just in our actions and not just in our day-to-day lives it’s in our work it’s in our businesses, it’s in everything around us we are timid now. Most of us are tenet.  It doesn’t take that much to break out of your timidity and be bold don’t have to be bold all the time with everything and everyone knows that unnecessarily could start small, do something small, take a small bold step like drive better on the freeway. The timid ones are not the ones who are going to win you we need to be bold and you’d be surprised at what would happen if you suddenly became the bold one in the group of tenants. And if we’re not bold.  We’ll never get there I mean can you imagine what the human race would be today if we didn’t have the inventors of old and the inventors of now being so bold as to create the things they’ve made?



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