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530 Inside Out Healthcare Innovation with Suzy Engwall @ The Innovation Instittute

Suzy Engwall is the National Director at the Innovation Lab at the Innovation Institute in Southern California.  The Innovation Institute is a for-profit, limited liability company currently owned by six non-profit health systems.  We serve as the commercialization arm of these health systems as well as the change agent for creating a culture of innovation.   Suzy is responsible for translating the innovation strategy and vision for 3 of the 6 member systems as well as 1 large hospital system subscription partner. She works closely with the C-suites at each to ensure the Innovation Lab is delivering value to these organizations and their key stakeholders. She oversees a team of client engagement executives, most of whom reside on-site with the hospitals we work with. This team is responsible for the engagement of clinicians, physicians, and other employee innovators. In addition, Suzy and her team build and implement programs that inspire innovative thinking across member systems. These programs include 1 to 1 mentoring and coaching, design thinking classes & workshops, running innovation challenges & hackathons, as well as reverse pitch events and shark tanks. The goal of all of this is to solve some of the biggest challenges we have in healthcare today. Suzy came to the Innovation Lab after almost 10 years at St. Joseph Health System where she served as a Performance Improvement Business Partner. Suzy has a wide range of experience working with healthcare leaders, physicians, clinicians, and support service teams on both clinical and operational initiatives. She has a true passion for healthcare innovation and its impact on the lives of those we serve.



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