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553 How Do You Sell To Bots?

Below are going to be making the decision as to whether or not we’re going to that they’re going to buy something right is something to be purchased he will most likely be done by a human being right now at this point but. But at some point in the future and it may be coming sooner than you think. Okay, your example so I wrote something about future sales and it was all about what do you do.

In a future where you don’t buy things directly anymore you never buy things directly anymore you buy them through a virtual assistant so what happens the virtual assistant you talked to your virtual assistant in your virtual assistant it’s not gonna be Alexa or Google or any of those other virtual systems that you see today because these virtual assistants that you see today all work for their own companies they work for Google to work for apple it works for Amazon. They don’t work for us I’m talking about the future virtual assistant future virtual sister who works for us on our nickel. We’re gonna sit or virtual assistant you know what I want to go home why.

I wanna go to Y. I feel like one way or even the virtual system if it’s smart enough isn’t even going to wait for us to say I want to go away it’s going to say he if you think you need a vacation. You don’t know when I can leave you’ll know when there’s a quiet time at work and it’ll go in and seek out.

And then it will find 3 or 4 options in the present them to me and say Hey there you go I have found 3 or 4.2 cases for you because it seems to me that you could really use a vacation. So the marketers who are selling or trying to pitch their version of the Hawaiian vacation are they talking to the end user no they’re not they’re talking to a virtual assistant.

You have to be pitching to a human being you can be pitching to a virtual assistant and how are you going to pitch to a virtual assistant I mean we barely know how to pitch properly to a human being how we gonna pitch to a virtual assistant. But that’s where the future of sales is that’s where the future of marketing is because right now we’re pitching to people and we know how to pitch to people we know exactly how to pitch to people we can be super accurate about pitching people and marketing people and honing in on targets in going bang bang bang use this number of messages this number this call quality blind or not a lot we can so we can use an I. to zoom in.

There’s my question to you have you thought at all about talking to machines how do you pitch to a bot instead of humans.



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