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554 Will Robots Take Your Job?

Because people have a question right especially nowadays people think that for some reason that is like a special new kind of thing. But every time we have a revolution new jobs just form under either brand new jobs that didn’t exist before web developer in 19 if you go back in the 1975 and say Hey I’m a web developer people like what you deal with spiders. Every time there’s been some kind of revolution.

But for some reason, I don’t know why for some reason. Nowadays the the the clamor is that. So some very intelligent person I’m not sure who did it created a website called will robots take my job at.

com will robots take my I put a link. To this site will robots take my job.

com and what you do is you basically go in you put in your job title. There’s it gives you a percentage is like what are the chances that your job will be automated away. And this is what I said before is it more than likely if you have a white color job right now if you have a white color job in this is the interesting part about this is that if you think about white-collar jobs right now one of the things about white-collar jobs is very interesting is that sometimes the brunt of a white color job actually is just moving information from one form to another.

White-collar jobs are under the gun in fact if you go to this website will reverse the image of a common you put in a white-collar job and see an accountant or project manager or whatever there’s probably you know 15 to 20 percent possibility that your job will be done. But if you put something in like an artisan or crafter Baker he goes to almost 0 to 2 percent or something like that white-collar jobs will disappear and I actually said this I did a blog post 1000000 years ago talking about how blue-collar jobs that human beings can do right now really well are the ones they’re going to be suddenly in high demand suddenly you’ll be paying $250000 for the bricklayer. There’s so much misinformation in so much a Roni is information about where we are with a I right now and it’s the same kind of stuff is going to do things in the news media is all they care about is panicking people only care about is freaking people out only want you to do is to be sitting in your home shivering with fear because everything is horrible.

The possibility the robots are getting a job is almost 0. Is it don’t worry about it so much A. I.

is not gonna take your job any time soon and now we don’t have there are billions of jobs 0 jobs out there that are waiting to be filled right now so.



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