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556 What’s The Downside?

Ask yourself should I do this should I do this you probably that kind of decision every single day. Every single day you probably have thousands and thousands of decisions like that. I think I think I read somewhere that.

So you have to think yourself how many gonna get through this day. M. B.

these all of these decisions if I have to think about every single one of these decisions. And I think there are people who have to think about each one of these decisions because they have to have to think about how is this going to work how is this going to make things better for me right they don’t have any ethical or moral or some set of rules that they go by because if they had a set of rules it is really easy because they could just look at the decision to go how does this map to my set of rules. Learn like that the more malleable they say well let me think about this is second and decide what I’m gonna do with it.

So if you are in that situation you have a conundrum. And the question is. What is the downside if I don’t do this? What is the downside if I don’t do this right? Just think about it for a second so there’s the decision sitting in front of you.

If I make a decision one way or another you have to look down so how bad could it be. Right, what is the downside of the massive sandwich well if you’re trying to diet then there is a downside of eating an ice cream sandwich is probably gonna be bad for your diet so there’s a downside don’t do it. Should I send this email to someone so might they be mad about it what’s the absolute worst downside are you gonna get fired from it no they probably just might get annoyed? Ask yourself when you have questions when you have a decision to make in front of you.

Use that to determine whether or not you can do it what’s the worst that could happen what is the downside what is the absolute downside to this and don’t be. Most likely nothing will happen it won’t be that bad it’s kind of like when I was working with some clients and they go like we don’t know who’s gonna do this thing who’s going to the single somebody steps up and does it. If you step up and do it people when it is partially who was able to do this they’re waiting for someone to take responsibility it’s the same with the decision-making process.

What is the downside think about it this way think about the downside if the downside is not that bad what’s the worst that could happen then just do it.



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