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557 Everyone Hates You

we all have the same desires because we copy our desires from other people we copy our desires for other people and if this is true if we do copy all of our desires for other people to make a lot of sense about how we act around other people is it we don’t have any innate desires of our own we just create these desires by observing other people. And we started wanting the same things as those other people even from when we were small children we so what I want I want a car I want this or I want that. Well everybody hates you because you have stuff you have things that they want and you have things that they want if they can have because you have all.<br><br> And because other people have them we hate them. We trying to do whatever we can to either get the same things they have or tear them down so that they don’t have the same things that we have that we want. That’s the thing about human beings we have this envy and it’s one of the things that I mean if you look at Buddhism is the talk is it’s all throw Buddhism.<br><br> Hello, there should be a middle way how we shouldn’t be envious of each other but if you think about mimetic theory and if you think about this society that we’re in today and how we have this hyper attenuated medic this going on because 7 by 24 we have the feed of what other people are doing what other people like what other people are eating whether people are driving one of the people are doing what other people are are traveling to it wherever other people or leave living. It might be under foundation but if there’s somebody out there who has what you want. You hate them for having what you don’t have and what you want so in the end at the bottom of all this everyone hates you.<br><br> So how do we get around this I don’t think we can’t unless we can somehow work to alleviate this envy this mimetic desire this requirement or this keeping up with the Joneses thing where we have to have everything that everybody else wants we need to be unique we need to be different we just stand aside from the crowd we need to say to ourselves I don’t want what everybody else wants I want something different.



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