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579 Powerful Product Management with Sanjai Marimadaiah @ Push Technology

Sanjai Marimadaiah is an Executive Product Leader, Entrepreneur and a Growth Strategist who excels at leading product organizations, driving market adoption and growing revenues. Sanjai is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and has held diverse leadership roles at startups & Fortune 500 companies in Product Management, Product Marketing, Corporate Development, and Engineering.  Sanjai currently serves as the Chief Product Officer at Push Technology Inc. In his prior roles, he has been an executive leader at CA Technologies, Oracle, HP, and IBM. Sanjai also offers strategic advisory services to Entrepreneurs and CEOs via Spinnovation LLC. As an adjunct faculty, Sanjai teaches a class on Intrapreneurship and Strategic Product the MBA program managed by the Institute of Product Leadership. Sanjai is a winner of the McKinsey Agility Hackathon in 2016 which had over 1,000 participants globally.  Sanjai holds an MBA from Santa Clara University and B.E in Computer Science from Mysore University in India. Sanjai also has 15 credits towards the Masters’s program from the Department of Computer Science at Stanford University via the SITN program.   Sanjai can be reached via his LinkedIn profile at



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