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588 Helping Small Business Thrive with Mayur Motgi @ nedhelps

Mayur is Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Ned(, a platform that helps small business owners raise capital from friends and family.   Ned helps business owners manage and stay accountable when they raise money from their personal network. With Ned, business owners can work with anyone they know to build fast and easy revenue-sharing partnerships. When it’s difficult to “make an ask” or structure a transaction, with Ned they can: – Create straightforward terms together – Document easy agreements – Get funded quickly – Share back future revenues instead of fixed loan payments   Ned takes out the guesswork and makes sure everyone has peace of mind in the process.   Mayur comes from a family of small business owners and has a decade of experience in Silicon Valley startups leading successful Product and Engineering teams, Mayur is on a mission to empower and level the playing field for small business owners that are looking for innovative ways to grow. Mayur has been working with small business owners for the past 6 years. In his first venture(Propl) he built a product that helped these owners manage the operational and financial aspects of their business. After selling the product to Jobox, Mayur grew the team and was responsible for building out their Fin-tech product that included a suite of financial tools for service professionals.   Mayur has had tenures in successful companies like CubeTree, SuccessFactors, SAP, Trulia, Refresh, and LinkedIn. —



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