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590 Solving The Big Human Problems with Pamela Roussos @ Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship

Pamela serves as Senior Advisor to Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship.  She began working with social entrepreneurs twelve years ago as a mentor for Miller Center’s programs while she continued her career as a software executive.  Prior to joining the Center eight years ago, she worked with and for early-stage software companies as a business and marketing strategy leader, helping founders create, refine, and execute their business strategy and go-to-market plans. She has over 25 years of experience growing teams and delivering products for both large and start-up software companies, working in various managerial capacities such as business unit manager, vice president of marketing, COO, and CEO. Some of the companies Pamela has worked with include: Amdahl, Pure Software, Rational Software, Consera, Zend, and AppFirst.   Pamela currently serves on the board of Innovation Works, whose focus is building sustainable neighborhood economies in Baltimore. Pamela also serves as board chair for LivelyHoods, an organization that creates jobs for youth and women in slums across Kenya.  To connect with Pamela you can do so via her LinkedIn or Twitter. A good place to get inspiration on figuring out the big problems you want to tackle is by looking at the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  There you will find 17 interlocking goals that are a blueprint to achieve a just and sustainable world for all.  Under each goal, you’ll find targets and indicators to be achieved by 2030. What big, hairy problem do you want to put your time and talent towards achieving? Once you have a direction you’ll find there are overarching organizations in many of the issue areas, for example GOGLA, the global association for off-grid solar energy Global Distributors Collective for last-mile distributors The Water Network, a knowledge-sharing platform for water professionals Clean Cooking Alliance, a global network of partners to make clean cooking accessible



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