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593 Optimistic Future Feasting: The Future Of Food with Raphaelle Moatti @ Future Feasts

Raphaelle has long focused her attention on nutrition, health, innovation, and community-building through shared, positive, creative experiences.  Rapha imagined the regenerative dinners as her main project for the Design Science Studio – Buckminster Fuller’s Institute “(r)Evolutionary incubator for ART inspiring a regenerative future that works for 100% of life”. 

Raphaelle has produced and curated events for the past 20 years to showcase and encourage fruitful innovation at the intersection of design, health, tech, and business.

A native of Paris, France, Raphaelle grew up with access to quality, diverse foods that were local, seasonal, and fresh. Learning from her North African roots and French culinary traditions, she started cooking at age 11 for friends and family. She is known for her kitchen eclecticism and eagerness to try new foods and flavors – and for that, living in the Bay Area has been a blessing.  

With Future Feasts, Raphaelle is bridging her passion for human rights, creativity, social justice, entrepreneurship, and human connection.



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