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607 Solving Human Challenges with Lucy Turner @ United Nations

Lucy Turner is a human rights advocate and author with 14 years of experience working with the United Nations in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Pacific, and HQ (Geneva and New York). Lucy has a strong track record of designing and delivering innovative peacebuilding and development initiatives, driven by data and strategic partnerships engaging government, civil society, and the private sector. Her published research and policy work has led to changes in international law and practice on the rule of law, gender, governance, and peacebuilding. She enjoys working with people in major global corporations, civil society organizations, and communities to share stories and statistics of positive change. An award-winning writer and sought-after speaker, Lucy’s work has been featured at the World Data Forum, Edinburgh International Science Festival, International Storytelling Festival, UN High-Level Political Forum, UN General Assembly, and numerous global conferences.



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