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625 Supporting Our Civilization with Matt McClelland @ Covenant Logistics

For the first 15 years of his professional career, Matt focused on information technology – working for a large silicon valley software companies to data center startups to a brief stint with a family foundation that, unlike his previous employers, did not create profit but rather had a goal to give it all away. In early 2000 he entered the world of logistics – mostly implementing large software systems and eventually asked to look at innovations in trucking and warehousing. In mid-2015 his employer opened one of the first industry “Innovation Labs” – a group dedicated to researching and testing early-stage supply chain innovations like inventory counting drones, robotic automation, human exoskeletons, and virtual reality applications. In early 2018 Matt joined Covenant Logistics – a premium service provider of transportation and warehousing services. In his role as VP of Sustainability and Innovation, he works directly with senior leadership to research future trends in the logistics industry and evaluate their applicability to Covenant’s strategy of providing more affordable, safer, cleaner delivery of products. Lately, he’s been spending most of his time looking at Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental / Social Governance (ESG) as many supply chain companies are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprints using everything from alternative fuels like Battery Electric and Hydrogen to autonomous vehicles to optimization software. When not at work, Matt spends most of his time outdoors and traveling with his family in their DIY converted 2017 Sprinter Van, christened “Chad The Van” by his teenage son. Chadthevan regularly transports both the family and outdoor gear to their frequent outdoor activities of kayaking, hang gliding, scuba diving, trail running, mountain biking, overlanding – anything outdoors. You can follow their adventures on Instagram at @chadthevan and his professional life on LinkedIn:—



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