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649 Enabling Global Work From Anywhere with Rob Rawson @ Time Doctor

Rob Rawson is a qualified medical doctor who also has significant business experience. He founded and built in 2011. Before Time Doctor, Rob moved from Australia to the Philippines and built a successful digital advertising agency with a team of over 20 people. His team was initially all working in an office. Still, he decided to get rid of the office, cut the associated costs, and have the ability to hire and work remotely from any region rather than just one location. He built the software to provide transparency and improve productivity in his fully remote team. After initially building the software for his own internal use, he decided to sell it as a SaaS offering. Rob is the CEO of Time Doctor, an 8-figure SaaS business with over 130 full-time team members. The team works remotely from around the world in 31 different countries! Rob is also the co-founder of the world’s largest conference about Remote work – Running Remote. He has co-authored a book about remote and asynchronous work, “Running Remote,” which was released in August 2022. In this revolutionary book, Rob and his co-founder Liam Martin have unearthed the secrets and lessons discovered by remote work pioneering entrepreneurs and founders who’ve harnessed the async mindset to operate their business remotely in the most seamless, hassle-free, and cost-effective manner possible. Rob now lives in Sydney, Australia, with his wife and two kids. — Running Remote Book:



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