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653 Proven Product Mastery with Elyse Kaye @ Aha Product Solutions

Founded and scaled multiple businesses leading innovation and marketing teams launching dozens of brands and hundreds of product lines. Growth marketing and business development specialist raised institutional funding as a 4X founder. 25 years working with brands like P & G, Avon, Apple, Unilever, SC Johnson, Abbott, and Black & Decker, bringing technology and innovation to the forefront to work through supply chain issues, product innovation, sustainability, reducing redundancies, and channel expansion. Recent successes include NASA special projects, licensing programs for Living Spaces, the turnaround of the Four Paws® Brand for Central Garden & Pet, the launch from the ground up of the House of Marley Brand, & the evolution of Black & Decker through her product development consultancy, AHA Product Solutions. CEO of Bloom Bras – a line of patented activewear for the well-endowed woman that s is now the most body-inclusive sports bra line on the market, working to provide solutions for women of all shapes, sizes, and stages of life to feel good while moving. Elyse holds several dozen patents. She was contributing author in The Product Manager’s Handbook and does public speaking engagements around the globe regarding building a brand, bringing innovation to life, and entrepreneurship. —



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