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723 Transdisciplinary Strategy & Design with Despina Papadopoulos @ Principled Design

I am a designer and researcher working at the intersection of embodied sensing systems and emerging materials and their relationship to meaning-making. I have engineered novel solutions for soft-to-hard interfaces, pioneered applications and processes for a stack of smart polymer technologies, and developed award-winning wearable environments that explore intimacy, ambiguity and markers of aliveness in encounters with technological systems.

I have collaborated and developed projects with Lubrizol, Nivea, Ralph Lauren, Bless, and with engineers, fashion designers, quantum physicists, weavers, molecular engineers, and philosophers. I consult C-suite executives on innovation methodologies, business opportunities in emerging technologies, and new product introduction roadmaps.

I have been teaching at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program for the past 18 years, where I developed the course and upcoming book The Softness of Things: Technology in Space and Form and I am founding faculty at SVA’s MFA on Design for Social Innovation.

I am currently working on The Unruliness of Matter, turning the conceptual and the abstract into the tangible and sensory, as part of my practice-based research Ph.D. at the Royal College of Art, on a TECHNE Fellowship from the National Productivity and Innovation Fund, UK.



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