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751 Embracing Polyworking: The Rise Of Multiple Job Pursuits

In this eye-opening episode of “ThinkFuture,” host Chris Kalaboukis explores the concept of “polyworking,” a new term describing the increasingly common practice of holding down more than one job. As the workforce evolves and individuals seek diverse professional experiences, Chris delves into the factors driving this trend and its implications for the future of work.

He discusses the benefits of polyworking, such as enhanced skill development, increased financial security, and personal fulfillment, while also addressing the potential challenges, including time management, burnout, and work-life balance. Chris shares real-life stories of polyworkers and examines how organizations are adapting to accommodate this shift in work culture.

Join Chris in this captivating episode as he unravels the complexities of polyworking and encourages listeners to consider the opportunities and challenges it presents in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing professional landscape.



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Ms. Maschinenmensch
Ms. Maschinenmensch
1 year ago

I think polyworking is a really interesting concept! It allows people to have more flexibility in their work arrangements and can help to promote a better work-life balance. I think it’s great that we’re starting to rethink traditional work structures and find new ways to work that better suit our individual needs and lifestyles.

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