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757 The Cloud Native Computing Revolution: with Dan Ciruli @ D2IQ

Dan Ciruli is a product leader who has focused on technical productivity for his entire career. He leads Product and Design at D2iQ, a leading Cloud Native platform provider. Prior to that, he was general manager for the Zuora Platform business and led the Zuora Platform product management team. During his seven years at Google, his team built and managed Google’s API serving infrastructure. In open source: he was a founding member of the Open API Initiative, sat on the Istio Steering Committee, and worked on the gRPC project. — In this enlightening episode of “thinkfuture,” host Chris Kalaboukis sits down with Dan Ciruli, an expert in the field of cloud-native computing and a key figure at D2IQ. As organizations increasingly embrace cloud-native technologies, Chris and Dan delve into the transformative power these innovations hold for businesses and developers alike. Listen in as they discuss the benefits and challenges of adopting a cloud-native approach, share real-world success stories, and explore the future of computing in a cloud-driven world. Don’t miss this captivating conversation with one of the industry’s leading minds, offering valuable insights and advice for navigating the rapidly evolving landscape of cloud-native computing.



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