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762 Think Like A Futurist: A Conversation With Futurist Cecily Sommers

In this captivating episode of “thinkfuture,” host Chris Kalaboukis sits down with renowned futurist Cecily Sommers to discuss the art of understanding and anticipating change in a rapidly evolving world. As organizations face increasing challenges to maintain their competitive edge, Cecily shares her expertise on identifying patterns, strategizing opportunities, and connecting them to real-time market forces. Through their conversation, Chris and Cecily explore the importance of foresight in crafting winning strategies and overcoming short-sightedness in planning.

Join them as they delve into Cecily’s experiences working with leading companies like Accenture, Google, and JP Morgan Chase, and her popular “Future Conversations” segment on All Things Considered. This insightful discussion offers valuable perspectives for anyone looking to make smarter choices in an uncertain future and unlock the potential of strategic foresight.



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ai startups and the future

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