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767 See Like A Futurist: A Conversation With Futurist Cecily Sommers

In this fascinating episode of “thinkfuture,” host Chris Kalaboukis is joined by Cecily Sommers to explore the art of seeing into the future by studying patterns of nature and change and how past performances can inform future predictions. They delve into the impact of our environment and experiences on our personality and identity and the importance of being change-literate in navigating both external and internal shifts. Chris and Cecily discuss the skills required to lead like a futurist, such as taking a zoomed-out perspective, embracing complexity, and focusing on underlying societal forces. They touch on the four forces that drive societal change—resources, technology, demographics, and governance—and the role of rules and governance at every level in managing these forces. The conversation also explores the future of pet ownership, workforce trends, and the value of models in problem-solving and predicting outcomes. Tune in for a thought-provoking conversation that will change your perspective on the future and equip you with the tools to better understand the world around you.



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