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770 Lead Like A Futurist: A Conversation With Futurist Cecily Sommers

In this insightful episode of “thinkfuture,” host Chris Kalaboukis is joined by futurist Cecily Sommers to discuss the skills and mindset required to lead like a futurist. They explore the importance of being comfortable with ambiguity, paying attention to signals of change, and navigating life with a clear purpose. Chris and Cecily delve into the significance of cultivating intuition, learning, and growth in personal and business settings while emphasizing the need for discovery and development.

The conversation also touches on the value of practices like awe, appreciation, and joy in shifting perspectives and managing stressors, as well as the benefits of trying new things and taking risks. They discuss the importance of developing habits such as optimism, curiosity, courage, and patience to make wise decisions in an ever-changing world. Finally, Cecily shares her contact information for those interested in learning more about her work. Tune in for a thought-provoking discussion on embracing change and cultivating intuition to lead like a futurist.



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