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781 Redefining Product Management: A Cross-Industry View on Innovation and Execution with Greg Mcneil @ Kurio Labs | | In this riveting episode of “thinkfuture,” host Chris Kalaboukis and Greg McNeil delve into the heart of product management, exploring its crucial role in the development of hardware and software systems. Greg, a passionate conceptual design enthusiast, emphasizes the need for product management’s involvement right from the early stages of development. They discuss the importance of champions and an iterative process for quick learning and adaptation to market needs. Greg and Chris highlight the necessity for a product manager to possess a broad range of skills, be comfortable with ambiguity, and champion innovative products within an organization. As the conversation unfolds, they touch on the challenges of introducing innovative products in the industrial space, emphasizing the need to consider customer interaction and the struggle of integrating technology into existing product lines. Greg shares real-life examples of these challenges, giving a first-hand perspective. The duo also stresses the importance of taking small steps in product development and being open to feedback. They explore how some companies prioritize execution over innovation and how repackaging existing ideas can lead to unexpected innovation. As the episode draws to a close, they discuss the future potential of cross-pollinating data from different cloud service providers and the role of AI in creating data ecosystems. They also explore autonomous flight technology’s challenges and potential risks, emphasizing the importance of sustainability, energy consumption, and collaborative product development. Tune in to this enlightening episode to understand product management’s role in driving innovation and execution in today’s fast-paced tech world.



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