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788 Blending Tech & Spirituality: A Developer’s Journey Towards Self-Improvement with Jonathan Hika

In this heartening episode, Chris is joined by Jonathan Hika, a software developer with a unique journey. Through his experience working on cutting-edge health technologies for small and medium businesses, Jonathan reveals the intricate challenges of innovating within the regulated healthcare industry. An unexpected turn of events – a near-death experience during a race – led Jonathan on a path of personal enlightenment, prompting him to align his life with his newly discovered values, with a special focus on becoming a role model for his children. This transformative event also sparked a desire in Jonathan to guide others through their self-improvement journeys. He shares his personal weight-loss journey and introduces a tool for managing negative emotions while emphasizing the significance of visualization and positive self-talk. As the conversation unfolds, Chris and Jonathan envision the future of 2033, where technology and spirituality coalesce to offer a unified solution to life’s complexities. They discuss the boundless potential of AI, advocating for its use as a tool to foster resolution, not conflict. Tune in to hear Jonathan’s inspiring story and explore the intersections of technology, spirituality, and personal development.



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ai startups and the future

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