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793 Fostering Creativity in the Midst of Automation: Mary Hendra’s Pursuit of Enriched Communities

In this illuminating episode, Chris is joined by Mary Hendra, a passionate advocate for better communities and creative spaces. They delve into Mary’s innovative strategies for fostering effective teamwork and creativity, highlighting the importance of understanding individual needs in a learning environment. The conversation navigates the essentiality of providing a safe, equal space for all participants in a meeting or session. They share the concept of a “worry tree,” a tool designed to help individuals leave their concerns at the door and stay present in the moment. They also explore the significance of play and creativity in the workplace, imagining a future where these elements are even more valued, and how this may counterbalance fears of job loss due to increasing automation. Lastly, they emphasize the need for workplace structures that invite authenticity and provide the necessary time and space for teams to transition and bond, even in times of loss. Join us to explore how creativity, community-building, and embracing change can coexist with technology and automation in our future workspaces.



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