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798 HitPauze: The Quest to Disconnect and Reclaim Your Time with Gary Borham @ HitPauze

How do we regain control over our time and attention in an era dominated by incessant digital distractions? This episode features a fascinating discussion with Gary Borham, the brain behind HitPauze, an innovative platform encouraging individuals to take meaningful breaks from their tech-saturated lives. Gary delves into his entrepreneurial journey, sharing the inspiration behind HitPauze, borne from his experience with digital overload. He discusses the societal pressure to be constantly accessible and its adverse impacts on our well-being. As they navigate the topic, Gary and Chris underline the necessity of ‘hitting pause’ and detaching from our gadgets in our hyperconnected world. From reminiscing about his previous venture, Screencoach, aimed at managing family screen time, to outlining the future of HitPauze, Gary gives listeners a glimpse into the development process and his aspirations for this still-evolving tool. Looking ahead, the conversation turns to the intriguing potential of AI-assisted time management and the ongoing struggle to maintain our human irrationality amidst relentless technological advancement. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to break free from the chains of constant connectivity and re-establish a healthier relationship with technology.



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