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803 Intentional Inclusion: Human-Centered Design & Accessibility with Kenza Zahidi @ Schoolab | | Join us for an inspiring discussion with anthropologist and entrepreneur Kenza Zahidi. In this episode, Kenza dives into her career journey, her work fostering inclusion through innovation, and her mission to enhance sports experiences for students with disabilities through her project, Mobility for All. The conversation uncovers the importance of “intentional inclusion” in product design at School Lab and how the Equitable Design Lab course at California University empowers diverse student teams to partner with corporations. The goal? To overcome challenges related to accessibility and inclusivity in the world of tech. Kenza sheds light on several projects, like creating a scooter-based wheelchair and using data analytics to identify language discrimination within teams. The discussion extends to the potential of technology becoming more personalized for specific communities and industries that urgently need to address inclusiveness. In a rapidly evolving tech world, it’s an enlightening conversation about the role of inclusivity and the significance of involving users directly in the design process for crafting more accessible and diverse products and services.



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