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808 Intersection of Innovation, Marketing, and Responsibility: Dialogue with Christian Lazopoulos

In this enlightening episode, Chris welcomes Christian Lazopoulos, a veteran in the realms of marketing and innovation. Together, they delve into Christian’s rich experiences with startups in the FinTech and ESG sectors, highlighting the unique strategies employed and lessons learned.

Christian shares the value of targeting problematic public sector elements and underscores the power of starting small to build success. The conversation also navigates the intricate ties between technology, society, and the environment, touching upon the need for more responsible business practices and the potential pitfalls of addictive technology.

Engaging in a spirited discourse on the role of science fiction in inspiring innovation, they explore its application to marketing and the challenges therein. This leads them to ponder over the potential for innovation within traditional banking institutions and the obstacles that stand in their path.

The episode concludes with a thoughtful reflection on the culture of innovation, the necessity for acknowledging it to drive change and sustain our species. A profound discussion on the world’s imbalances and the pressing need for work-life readjustment wraps up the conversation. Join in for an eye-opening exploration of where technology and responsibility intersect.



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