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810 EXTRA AI and Truth: Distance or Proximity?

Artificial Intelligence – a powerful tool with transformative potential. But does it drive us closer to the truth, or is it pushing us further away? This contemplative monologue episode with Chris delves deep into this question. Addressing AI’s role in the age of information overload, Chris discusses how the technology can help filter out the noise and discern patterns that humans may miss. Yet, there’s a flip side: the risk of algorithmic biases, misinformation, and the danger of AI being manipulated to distort the truth. From how AI can potentially uphold or subvert the truth to its broader implications on our understanding of reality, this episode traverses the intricate terrain between AI and truth. Tune in as we probe into the strengths and shortcomings of AI in the pursuit of truth, and reflect on our responsibility as creators and users of this technology.



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