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812 Fit for a Better Future: Enhancing Health & Opportunities in Fitness with Carolyn Chambers

In this episode, Chris welcomes Carolyn Chambers, the director of workforce innovation and community partnerships at Lionel University. A former track and field coach turned fitness industry innovator, Carolyn’s journey intertwines her passion for fitness education with a drive to create meaningful change in the industry. Carolyn dives into her unique initiatives, such as the fitness-based SkillBridge program, aimed at helping military personnel transition smoothly into civilian life and crafting employment opportunities. We explore her visionary project to empower trainers and boost diversity in the fitness sector economically, and her plans to transform downtown San Diego into an epicenter of wellness with free fitness spaces and urban gardens. Our conversation unfolds to shed light on the societal necessity of fitness, the importance of preventative healthcare, and the role of employers in promoting wellness. We discuss the mental health impacts of COVID-19 and the collective efforts needed to stimulate positive change. The episode underscores the importance of rest, active recovery, and the role of the community in fitness accountability. Join us as we delve into a holistic approach to fitness, its societal implications, and the pathway toward a healthier and more accessible future.



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