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816 Reimagining Education: Nurturing Problem-Solvers for Tomorrow

Chris and Shaun Yorgey explore the pressing need for innovation in education. Beginning their dialogue with a focus on the essential need to blend pedagogy and andragogy, they discuss how these strategies can cater to every learner’s needs and tackle the shortcomings of traditional education systems. Diving into the need for an educational approach that prioritizes skills, applications, and passion projects, they underline the importance of instilling critical thinking and problem-solving skills in students to equip them for future workforce demands. Highlighting the urgent need for a shift towards more practical learning in higher education, the conversation gravitates towards the inherent value of a liberal arts education while emphasizing that teachers must understand the purpose behind what they’re teaching. Chris and Shaun advocate for students to pursue passion projects, connecting academic work to personal interests. They address the slow pace of change in education and the necessity of teaching more practical skills. In looking at the future of education, they predict a significant disruption in colleges and an upcoming reckoning with pricing. The conversation navigates towards the importance of personal branding and the value of life skills and real-world knowledge in education. In the final segment, they reiterate the need for education to groom students to be flexible, creative problem solvers, akin to Renaissance men, emphasizing that being well-rounded will be a key asset in the future.



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