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840: Navigating the AI Revolution: From Websites to AI-Driven Interactions

In this enlightening episode, Chris and Alexander De Ridder deep-dive into their respective journeys, stemming from the early days of web technology to the present-day marvels of AI. Kicking off with a reflective look at their individual challenges and successes, they quickly pivot into an engaging discussion on the transformative power of machine learning in sectors like computer vision and marketing. As OpenAI’s ChatGPT reshaped the digital playing field, we witnessed the birth of the Open AI plug-in store, turning the internet into an AI-fueled playground reminiscent of the App Store. The duo then zeroes in on the radical shifts AI is bringing to branding and SEO, warning brands of an impending paradigm shift. With tech giants like Amazon and Google at the helm, AI’s convergence with varied algorithms is set to redefine digital landscapes, challenging traditional SAS companies. But what’s the future? Chris and Alexander drop hints about SmithOS – a prospective operating system heralding the dawn of AI colleagues, and potentially birthing a trillion-dollar entity. As they unravel the intricacies of humans and AI working symbiotically, the potential of AI brand representatives and internal workflow optimizers emerges. The pair ends by shedding light on the looming need for multi-agent system engineers (MASE) and how they are shaping the next-gen working world, before introducing their very own AI assistant – Alexander GPT



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