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841: Ray Dalio, 3-Day Work Weeks and The Future of Work

In this reflective episode, Chris delves into the ever-changing landscape of work. Drawing parallels from the teachings of Ray Dalio, Chris muses on the increasing appeal of the 3-day work week and what it symbolizes for the modern worker. As the digital age progresses, AI systems have steadily assumed the burden of inhumane tasks — the repetitive, mundane, or highly complex operations once shouldered by humans. This transition prompts a reflective exploration into what indeed constitutes “human” work, emphasizing the roles defined by empathy, creativity, and interpersonal connections. Beyond identifying these shifts, Chris also speculates on the broader implications, ranging from the socioeconomic transformations to the potential psychological impacts. Will the very essence of “work” undergo a paradigm shift? Listen in as Chris paints a vision of a harmonious future where human creativity melds with AI efficiency, advocating for a world where both entities coexist and complement.



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ai startups and the future

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